Premium bundled plugins with Ernova theme

Posted: By: Harrison Woods

Ernova theme comes bundled with five plugins that have built-in support for these Themes. These five plugins are given below:

  • Ernova Slider: This Plugin provides two types of Slider for your homepage one is a custom slider where you can upload any types of images to it and provide title and caption for these images which will be displayed as slides on the homepage, Other is Post slider which makes your posts into a slider and display them on your homepage. This plugin also offer variation for the slider like if you want the slider behind the header for transparent menus or header and slide animation. Also if you choose to display a Post Slider then you can choose what types of post to display in your slider i.e Random Posts,Recent Posts and Most Popular Posts by comments.
  • Ernova Social: This plugin adds Social Media Icons and Social Shares so people can follow you on different social media platforms and share your content. This plugin also adds a widget called Ernova Social Media Widget to display Social Icons. If your theme is not Ernova then you can use this PHP function <?php ernova_social_call(); ?> to display Social Media Icons or you can add it as a shortcode in your Post Content using the shortcode [ ernova_social /]. If your theme is not Ernova and want to display Social Shares Icons then add this action hook <?php do_action('_themename_social_plugins_share', get_the_permalink(), get_the_title()); ?> after the post content in your theme single page template. For Ernova Theme all of this is already integrated so u don’t have to worry about it.
  • Ernova Contact form: This plugin offers contact forms that you can display in your Posts & Pages. Using the shortcode [ ernova_contact_form /] u can display the contact form wherever you like. The contacted messages and emails gets displayed in WordPress dashboard under the menu Contact Messages so everything is handled in your WordPress website. This plugin also emails the contact info and the message to the admin email of the WordPress website.
  • Ernova Posts Widget: This plugin adds an improved widget over WordPress Recent Posts Widget named Ernova Posts Widget that let you display the recent posts, most popular posts or randomly choosen Posts in the sidebar or in the footer column. Just drag the widget named Ernova Posts Widget onto the Primary Sidebar area or a footer column under Appearance > Widgets to add this widget
  • Ernova Meta Boxes: A Required Plugin for Ernova Theme that adds Metaboxes for Post Type Post and Page that lets u choose the layout for Post and Page and Read Time (in Minutes) for a Post in Edit webpage and Add New webpage for Post and Page Post Types.

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